Better Drivers Can Save Money with DriveSure

Better Drivers Can Save Money with DriveSure

Last year Sun Cost General launched its DriveSure usage-based auto insurance program. DriveSure is an innovative way to price auto insurance, providing an optional discount to drivers who use their vehicles less, or for those who avoid harsh breaking and speeding.

Sun Coast General’s DriveSure auto insurance program is a usage-based auto insurance product, sometimes referred to as Pay-as-you-drive, and it rewards policyholders who exhibit save driving or driving characteristics that are associated with lower accident frequency with policy discounts.

DriveSure create a more personal auto insurance rate for the consumer, one that is more tied-in to the way they use or operate their vehicle. This is different then the conventional rating variables that proxy this behavior today.

How does it work?

  • When a consumer purchases a DriveSure policy from one of our authorized independent insurance agents, they will receive a small DriveSure device that fits easily in the palm of their hand which is plugged into their vehicles ODB port under dash of their insured vehicle. The device sends the driving data to Sun Coast using a cellular signal.
  • After a short evaluation period the device transmits the data to Sun Coast and your policy is automatically endorsed with your new DriveSure discount and if your driving behavior warrants it, you’ll get an additional DriveSure discount. Don’t worry, everyone will get a free 5% enrollment discount, so everyone is rewarded with a discount when they purchase a DriveSure policy.
  • After the evaluation period the consumer sends the device back to Sun Coat in the provided package, using the pre-paid shipping label that came with the device.

Each insured will continue to receive their DriveSure discount as long as their policy is in-force, or until there is a material change in the risk that may require a re-validation of the discount.

This program is now available to Sun Coast General customers in Arizona, Oregon and Utah. Consumers interested in getting a quote for DriveSure should contact an authorized Sun Coast General agent.

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