California Auto Insurance You Can Count On

When you need auto insurance in California you can elect to take care of business online or get your auto insurance quote from an insurance pro. We offer our California auto insurance product through independent insurance agents, so you can get real professional advice from a knowledgeble source. But if you're the type who likes to go it on your own, you can request your California auto insurance quote online with us too. We have a Direct-Connect program for our auto insurance producers, so if you request an online auto insurance quote we can connect you with an insurance agent who can not only quote our auto insurance product, but who has the ability to shop the market for you to get the best available deal in the market.

Flexible Terms for California Auto Insurance

Our California auto insurance product offers you flexible terms and competitive discounts. We understand that you don't always select your auto insurance based on the price, but the payment options, the reinstatement terms, available discounts, and ability to pay your bills online all make a difference in who you select for your California auto insurance company. We offer many flexible options:

  • Flexible policy terms
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Online policy servicing and payments
  • Easy reinstatement of your policy

Auto insurance discounts that make a differnece

In the State of California we offer many auto insurance discounts to help make your auto insurance rates easy to manage. We believe you should be rewarded for your good driving habits, so we offer generous discounts to make your auto insurance more affordable. The types of discounts available in California are:

  • Multi-Car Discount - Offered when you insure more than one vehicle on a policy
  • Persistency Discount - This is a renewal reward when you stay insured with for multiple terms.
  • Good Student Discount - Offered for the children of the policyholder who's student maintains a B grade average or better.
  • Good Driver Discount - We offer 2-levels of the Good Driver discount, ask your producer if you qualify.

Get a California auto insurance quote today

So you're looking for California auto insurance, we can help. Give us a call at (949) 768-1132 and ask for one of our Direct-Connect agency producers, or get and online auto insurance quote today.

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