Auto Insurance

We’ve got auto insurance that works for just about everybody.

For over 33-years we’ve been offering excellent auto insurance products to our independent agents, and we’ve stepped it up – making our already awesome auto insurance products even better.

Just want the basics? 

We’ve got a perfect nonstandard auto insurance product for the insured who isn’t looking for all the bells-and-whistles, but needs solid protection in the event of a loss. Our Platinum nonstandard auto insurance product is a perfect fit for the cost minded consumer with a mind toward the minimum limits.

But I want a little more…

If your customers want a bit more protection, then our standard auto insurance product, DriversAdvantage is a better option. The DriversAdvantage product offers broader coverage and increased limits. This is a perfect fit for your clients who need more protection and peace-of-mind.

Then there is the innovative

Our DriveSure product is the latest in usage-based auto insurance. If you don’t know what usage-based auto insurance is, you don’t know what you’re missing. Using telematics technology our DriveSure auto insurance product can detect the way a vehicle is driven, and reward the good drivers with good driving discounts. Don’t worry…this isn’t big brother…just big savings.  Want to learn more about usage-based auto insurance or our DriveSure auto insurance product, great.

All of our auto insurance products come with an excellent line up of discounts, coverage benefits, and our history of delivering excellent claims handling.

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