DriveSure – Usage-Based Auto Insurance

The latest in auto insurance innovation

Using telematics technology, our DriveSure auto insurance product offers your clients an excellent opportunity to be rewarded for their good driving behavior. Seriously, customers enrolled in the DriveSure program can save up to 31% on their auto insurance. That’s real savings.

Do I get any other Discounts?

Sure you do, you get the same discounts that are offered on our DriversAdvantage product, but you can also earn an additional DriveSure discount for your good driving. We are so confident that you’ll like this program, we’ll even give you a free 5% discount just to enroll in the program. That’s a great deal!

It’s really very simple.

It’s so easy to sell or buy a DriveSure policy. Just like any other auto insurance policy, you purchase the coverages and add the drivers and vehicles that you would on any other conventional auto insurance program. Just for enrolling you’ll get a 5% discount. Shortly after you enroll in the program you get a small, easy to install, device that will record your driving experience. After a short period the DriveSure discount is determined and you send the device back. We pay for all the shipping and provide you with the box and return labels. It’s super simple and can pay you back with up to 31% in savings.

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Not looking to be too innovative but still want protection?

We offer a conventional auto insurance product, DriversAdvantage. It has all the same great discounts and is competitively priced relative to other conventional programs. Take at look at DriversAdvantage, it might be a better fit.

Just want the minimum?

That’s fine, we offer an excellent nonstandard auto insurance product for your agency. Sun Coast has been offering nonstandard auto insurance for over 33-years, and we’re a leader in providing nonstandard auto through independent insurance agents.

We can offer a wide variety of auto insurance products that provide value to your agency, so if you’re looking for an appointment, download an application today. If you want to learn more about Sun Coast General Auto Insurance products, contact an agent today.