Insurance Agent E&O Insurance

You can get Insurance Agent E&O Insurance with FREE risk mitigation services. Make your Insurance Agent E&O Insurance work for you.

If you own your own insurance agency or brokerage, you need good Insurance Agent E&O Insurance. This is a vital piece of your businesses insurance protection. Sun Coast General Insurance offers a special E&O insurance for insurance agents - with added benefits for authorized insurance agents in good standing. So before you purchase your Insurance Agent E&O Insurance protection anywhere else, take a look at Sun Coast General Insurance.

E&O Insurance for insurance agents with benefits to the Sun Coast producer?

Our Insurance Agent E&O Insurance product not only has competitive rates making it affordable, but it is unique in the market.

Our Insurance Agent E&O Insurance provides your insurance agency increased value and protection through ClaimShield risk management services ... which includes a free attorney hotline.

If you purchase your Insurance Agent E&O insurance with Sun Coast General Insurance, you automatically get enrolled in the ClaimShield protection. This provides you access to an attorney 24-hours per day.

That's right ... and the ClaimShield benefit is totally FREE with each Insurance Agent E&O Insurance policy.

What are the benefits of the Insurance Agent E&O Insurance product?

Here are some of the benefits of our Insurance Agent E&O Insurance program:

  • Claims Shield Protection
  • Attorney Hotline
  • Deductible Waiver for Sun Coast business
  • Multi-Policy Discount if you buy a companion BOP policy
  • Defense cost inside and outside the limit

Get started today

If you are shopping for Insurance Agent E&O protection for your insurance agency or brokerage, give us a call at 800.789.1132 or download the application today and fax to 949.768.0625. Also, remember, there are added benefits for Sun Coast producers. If you're not appointed you can apply and make sure you begin enjoying the benefits of our Insurance Agent E&O program. 

This is only a general description of coverages and of the available types of insurance and is not a statement of contract.  Details of coverage, limits or services may not be available for all businesses, with all programs, and may vary in some states.  All coverages are subject to the terms, provisions, exclusions and conditions of the policy itself and in any endorsement.