Lessor's Risk Insurance

Lessor's Risk policies are designed to provide liability and property protection for building owners who lease their building or, in some cases, the policy provides liability and property coverage for building owners who occupy less than 75% of their building and lease out the remainder of the building.

So what does a lessor's risk insurance policy cover?

  • Your client's company owns an apartment building and also rents out office space in that building. Should property damage occur to the belongings of the occupants leasing your property, your Lessor's Risk Coverage policy would provide them with coverage for repairs or replacement of their property.
  • If your clients's company leases out retail space in a strip mall. A Lessor's Risk Coverage policy will provide your tenants with property damage and general liability coverage.
  • Your client's business is located in a small portion of a large office building and your company leases office space to other businesses. A Lessor's Risk Coverage Policy will provide your tenants with property damage and liability coverage.

If you deal with property owners who lease their property to others, or lease out major portions of their business and a lessor's risk policy is the right protection, please call Sun Coast General today at (949) 768-1132 (Option 4) and begin working with one of our underwriters today.

This is only a general description of coverages and of the available types of insurance and is not a statement of contract.  Details of coverage, limits or services may not be available for all businesses, with all programs, and may vary in some states.  All coverages are subject to the terms, provisions, exclusions and conditions of the policy itself and in any endorsement.