Platinum - Nonstandard Auto Insurance

We’re there when you need us

If you’re just looking for the easy to use, minimum coverage option, then our Platinum auto insurance program is the right choice. Platinum Auto insurance offers the basics in auto insurance protection at an affordable rate.

The right fit, the right features and the right price

Sometimes you’re not looking for all the bells-and-whistles, you just want solid, there-when-you-need-it auto insurance. That’s Platinum Auto insurance. Our nonstandard auto insurance product offers solid protection, excellent claims service, and a highly competitive price. It also provides generous reinstatement terms when you miss a payment, and it’s extremely easy to use and has optional coverages and payment options. Of course, all this comes in a convenient bill plan with affordable rates.

The red carpet treatment

Even though this is a nonstandard auto insurance product, we offer a preferred claims treatment and our service with a smile philosophy. You get the same level of respect if you purchase our Platinum Auto, DriversAdvantage, or DriveSure products. That’s what consumers have come to expect from Sun Coast General over the 33-years we’ve been offering auto insurance.

Looking for a bit more coverage and protection?

We offer a conventional auto insurance product, DriversAdvantage. It has all the same great discounts and is competitively priced relative to other conventional programs. Take a look at DriversAdvantage, it might be a better fit.

Want something more innovative

If you’re looking for innovative and competitively priced, check out our usage-based auto insurance product, DriveSure. This is the latest in auto insurance innovation, and can offer your insureds up to 31% in good driver discounts.

We can offer a wide variety of auto insurance products that provide value to your agency, so if you’re looking for an appointment, download an application today. If you want to learn more about Sun Coast General Auto Insurance products, contact an agent today.