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Claimshield and Attorney Hotline make the difference.

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With the inclusion of a FREE risk mitigation service and attorney hotline, Sun Coast General's Insurance Agent Errors & Omissions insurance program is not only competitive, but adds greater value than most other competitors.  If you haven't already looked into Sun Coast for your Agency's E&O Insurance, give us a chance to provide you a quote. Sun Coast Producers in good standing get the best pricing!

Sun Coast General Insurance Agency always has hot programs to offer it's agents. Today one of these excellent programs is actually FOR our producers!  Our Insurance agent Errors & Omissions product is designed with our producers in mind. This program provides liability coverage for insurance professionals who through an error, omission, or liability require protection from an injured or damaged client....and it comes with a FREE risk mitigation service and attorney hotline.

Looking for competitive Errors & Omissions for your Insurance Agency?

Not only is this program competitive, but it's unique in the market and provides you increased value and protection through our FREE attorney hotline and ClaimShield protection.  If you're a seasoned agency or just getting started, our Insurance Agent E&O program is a great fit for your agency.

Here are some of the benefits of our Insurance agent Errors & Omissions program:

  • Claims Shield Protection
  • Attorney Hotline
  • Excellent Rates!
  • Deductible Reduction (For SC Agents in Good Standing)

If you're interested in getting a quote for Insurance Agent E&O, give us a call today at (949) 768-1132 (Option 4).  

Don't go another day paying too much for your E&O Insurance.

Sun Coast Insurance


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