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Sun Coast understands that you're looking for affordable auto insurance, with low down payment options, flexible billing plans, and coverage that's there when you need it. We insure customers with clean driving records, accidents, tickets, suspended license, and foreign driver's licenses. We have coverage options available for those looking for the most coverage or for those looking for the minimum. That's real value. Start a quote and let's see if we can help you save money on car insurance.


Auto insurance that fits your budget

When shopping for auto insurance, you always need a little help. Make sure you're asking about all the discounts you might qualify for.

Good Driver

Driving with a clean record up to 5 years can save you up to 20% on your auto premium.

Prior Insurance?

If you are currently insured with or without a lapse in coverage, you may be eligible for a prior insurance discount.

Multiple Cars

When you insure more than one car, you can save with a multi-car discount.

Shop in Advance

If you are currently insured, planning ahead and shopping early may qualify you for an advanced shopping discount.

Own a Home?

In some states, homeowners can save on their auto insurance.

Affordable coverage you can count on.

Price is only one reason why Sun Coast is a good choice for your insurance needs. We make shopping, owning, and servicing your policy easy.

Online Quotes for Car Insurance

You're in the driver's seat. It's easy to quote online, customize coverage, and payment terms that are right for your budget.

24/7/365 Online Service

You can view your policy, claims history, make a payment, get copies of your ID cards and proof of insurance online in your personalized account.

A Policy that is Right for You

We can insure just about any driver. Drivers with tickets, accidents, suspended licenses, foreign driver's licenses, and we insure clean drivers too!


Get the Right Coverage

Accidents, glass damage, vandalism, theft, hail, and more—we have affordable coverage options to protect against just about anything. Get a car insurance quote and you can customize your coverages online.

Liability Protection

Protection for you when you're responsible for damages or injuries to others.

Uninsured Motorists

Coverage when the other party injures your vehicle's occupants or damages your car and is uninsured.

Coverage for Your Car

Options to cover your car from damage, theft, and vandalism.

Medical Payments or Personal Injury

Coverage for injuries to your vehicle's occupants from covered losses, often regardless of fault.

Optional Coverages

There are many coverages you can select to provide greater protection for you and your car. Some of our policies come with 24/7/365 roadside assistance to keep you from being stranded without help.

Got questions? We have answers.

How do I get the best price on auto insurance?

It starts with getting an insurance quote online. Start online and get a customized quote. Make sure to compare price, coverage, and payment options. You never know, it may be big savings.

What info do I need to get a car insurance quote?

Your driver's license, your VIN for all the vehicles you want to insure, and a few personal details. Input the information online and we'll do the rest of the work.

Looking to get the most out of your insurance?

Sun Coast Blog is your go-to guide for the right insurance for you.

Comparing our carrier's rates and coverage is easy.

Get your insurance quote and start saving today. Want to talk to one of our representatives? Give us a call and we can answer any question you may have.
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