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Mexico Auto

Get covered before you travel

Before you start your road trip to Mexico, make sure you have auto insurance that covers you in Mexico. The law in Mexico requires that you purchase car insurance from an insurer licensed to provide coverage in Mexico — this means your U.S. coverage is not acceptable liability insurance. Fortunately, you can drive protected with Sun Coast Mexico Insurance by Mapfre Tepeyac. You can easily choose a level of coverage that's right for you, and our daily or annual terms are perfect for a day trip or extended vacation.


Mexico auto insurance features and options

When shopping for Mexico auto insurance, you can customize the policy based on your travel plans and coverage required.

Flexible Terms

For short or extended trips, you can get daily or annual rates.

Legal, Travel, and Roadside Assistance

These coverage come standard with your policy.

$25,000 to $100,000 CSL Limits

Get the liability protection you'll need to be compliant, or to cover your assets.

Same Day Coverage

On your way to the border? Give us a call and we can get you covered before you cross the border.

Affordable coverage you can count on.

Price is only one reason why Sun Coast a good choice for Mexico Auto insurance. We also make shopping, owning, and servicing your policy easy.

Accessible Support

Mapfre Tepeyac is there for you. If you have a claim while in Mexico, give them a call 24/7/365 and they will be there to assist you.

Get Covered Fast

Most policies can be made available very quickly, letting you get on the road. Some of our carries will provide a discount to your U.S. insurance if you purchase a Sun Coast Mexico policy.

Affordable Rates

Mapfre Tepeyac provides Sun Coast with discounted rates for our customers. Get a quote from Sun Coast and see how much you can save on your Mexico insurance.


What vehicles can I insure in Mexico?

Almost all vehicles that you would drive across the border recreationally can be insured with Sun Coast. Below are the most common types:

  • Cars and Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Recreational Vehicles (RV's)
  • Trailers

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How does Mexico vehicle insurance work?

When you're driving in Mexico, and the unexpected happens, don't fret if you have Sun Coast protection offered through Mapfre. Mapfre will be there to help you throughout the entire claims process. Immediately call the toll-free number on your certificate and help will be on the way. An adjustor will begin the claim process and help you get back on the road.

What are the requirements for driving into Mexico?

It's very important to remember before you cross the border, you will need a few documents to prove that you own your car and have permission to travel through Mexico with it. Make sure you bring all the following with you:

Proof of car ownership: A copy of your vehicle's title or vehicle registration should work.

Your driver's license: Your U.S. driver's license will be accepted and is also required to purchase Mexico auto insurance.

Lienholder/leasing documentation: If you're financing your car, you'll need an affidavit from your lienholder permitting you to import it. If you're leasing your car, you'll just need a copy of your contract.

Liability insurance: Basic liability coverage is required for all tourists driving into Mexico — get a quote now and cross this one off your checklist today.

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